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Neuroscience research gained international momentum when an initiative was declared, designating the 1990s as the Decade of the Brain: "to enhance public awareness of the benefits to be derived from brain research".

With the contribution of biotechnological development of 21st century, the research perspective covers a wide range from behavioral and cognitive to cellular and molecular explorations. Brain research became a center of attraction and academies established new programs for graduate education. 

Medipol University now offers a Masters and a Doctoral Degree in Neuroscience. With strong academic staff and pioneering technical equipment above international standards, the program offers opportunity to students from a broad background, who pursue a graduate degree in neuroscience.

Cell culture laboratory, Molecular biology laboratory, Genetics Laboratory, Proteomics Facility, Cellular Electrophysiology laboratory, Animal Behavior and Brain Research Laboratory located at Kavacık Campus and Clinical electrophysiology Laboratory located in Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex offers hands on research opportunity to students during their PhD along with an intense theoretical course curriculum.

cakları hem de uygulanan bilimsel yöntemleri öğrenerek kendilerine yeni ufuk ve hedefler koyacakları bir ortam sunmaktadır.

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