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Doyens of the nursing profession came together at Medipol


Istanbul Medipol University and Medipol Health Group brought together healthcare professionals at the symposium organized for the Nursing Week. Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. Gazi Yiğitbaşı said: “The biggest actors of communication in the hospital are nurses. Without nurses, who are the main dynamo of the health care mechanism, our health system would collapse.”



Istanbul Medipol University and Medipol Health Group organized a symposium for 12-18 May Nursing Week. Directors of Türkiye’s most important nursing programs, academicians, and students came together at the symposium titled “We Are Together, We Are Strong with Our Difference”. The opening speeches of the symposium held at the South Campus Conference Hall were given by Istanbul Medipol University Board of Trustees Chairman Prof. Gazi Yiğitbaşı, Istanbul Medipol University Vice-President Prof. Recep Öztürk, Dean of the School of Health Sciences Prof. Erdoğan Kunter, and Head of the Department of Nursing Prof. Sema Kuğuoğlu.

In his opening speech, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. Gazi Yiğitbaşı said that the quality of nursing education in Türkiye and specifically in Medipol is far ahead of the world. Stating that he has worked with nurses for nearly 20 years, Yiğitbaşı expressed his trust in nurses, saying “I would go to the other end of the world with you.” Drawing attention to the importance of communication in the nursing profession, Yiğitbaşı added: “Our education mechanism in nursing service is gradually improving its quality. We have great experience in this regard. We train very good nurses in our country. Let them come and ask us how to train the best quality nurses in the world. Our nurses apply their professional skills on patients, but the important mechanism here is your communication dynamic. If the quality communication mechanism does not work, your professional skills are useless. We need to be self-critical on this issue. We are not that good at maintaining quality communication. The biggest actor of communication in the hospital and the main dynamo in the operation of this whole mechanism are nurses. Without them, our healthcare system would collapse. This heavy burden is on nurses.”

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