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English Preparatory Programme Track 3 Midtrack Exam


2022-2023 Track 3 Mid-Track Exam will be held ONLINE on Saturday, 18.03.2023.

The exam will be held via links to be shared on Microsoft Teams in students’ track 3 class teams. The exam starts at 10:00 (local time in Turkey) for all students. The audio for the listening part will be listened to through Microsoft Teams and the students must be ready in the Teams classes at 09:45.

There will be a mock exam on Friday 17.03.2023 in the last two lessons to familiarize the students with the online exam steps and Microsoft Forms. The mock exam will not be evaluated, and is only for students to see the steps in the exam.

Students will access questions with links to be shared by class advisors in the chatbox. Links for the Main Part and Writing Part of the exam will be shared separately at the starting time of the related section by the class advisors.

*The exam of Evening education starts at 18:00.


The exam link will be active at 10.00. To access the exam link, students need to make sure that they have logged into their student e-mail addresses with “[email protected]” before the exam.

If the students have not clicked on the “Submit” button before the exam finish time, they cannot submit their answers when the exam closes, and they are considered absent from the exam.

It is extremely important that students enter their personal information, especially their student number correctly.

Students are required to take the exam through their own student accounts. If another Medipol account is logged in in the device to be used in the exam, students need to log out from this account, and only log into their own student e-mail address.

Writing part will be checked on the plagiarism-check program Turnitin, and if it is detected that the writing is not the student’s own work, the writing part of the student will not be evaluated.

It is the students’ responsibility to ensure access to the necessary internet connection and device for this online exam. Language School is not responsible for any problem that can arise from internet connection or personal devices.

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