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English Preparatory Programme Track 2 TAT Exam


Track 2 TAT Exam for English Preparatory Education will be held on January 28th 2023 Saturday on Kavacık North Campus Blocks A and C. The exam will start at 09.00 for LOW- & HIGH-level students; at 12.30 for MEDIUM-level students, and at 18.00 for the evening class. Exam rooms may be different from your normal classrooms. Please check your time slot and exam room from the list below with your student number.



If you cannot find your student number in the list, please refer to Office AZ-01 in Block A one hour before the exam start time for your level (at 08.00 for LOW and HIGH levels, and at 11.30 for MEDIUM level) to find out about your exam room.

Points to consider in the exam:

·         Students are required to be present in their exam rooms at least half an hour before the exam start time.

·         Students are expected to bring a valid ID and their own pencils and erasers to the exam. Exchanging erasers and pencils is forbidden during the exam.

·         Smartphones and smartwatches are to be switched to airplane mode and turned off, and handed over to the proctor before the exam starts. If students fail to turn in their smartphones or smart watches, their exams will be invalid.

·         Only the answers on the scantron will be evaluated. Students cannot get points from questions they only answered on the exam papers if they did not code onto the scantron/optical form.

·         It is the students’ responsibility to fill out the optical form/scantron correctly. If you fail to fill out the version and the scantron correctly, you will get 0 from the exam.

·         Students who arrive after the listening section has started will not be accepted into the exam until the listening audio finishes.

·         Students cannot leave the exam in the first 40 minutes. Students cannot wait in the corridors after they leave their exam.

·         Students will not be allowed to use the restroom during the exam.

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