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About English Preparatory Programme ESP Lessons for Track 3 & 4


The ESP (English for Spesific Purpose) lessons that you will follow during Track III and IV in the 2023-24 Spring Semester will be taught asynchronously via platform.

The videos of the lessons will be recorded in Teams and students will watch the lessons asynchronously from these Teams. The information on which teams students will register according to their departments is given in the file below. Please only sign up for the team for your department.

In order to create your platform membership and register to MS TEAMS teams, you need to follow the steps in the guide in the link below.


Our students are expected to complete their platform memberships in accordance with the instructions given in the attachment, follow the courses related to the department they are studying and do the required activities within the given periods. All grade evaluations will be based on the scores of the activities on the platform. 

The grades to be obtained from the ESP course constitute 10% of the students' grade point average.

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