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2023-2024 26.09.2023 English Preparatory Program Proficiency Exam (UPDATED)


For students enrolled in programs where the medium of instruction is English, the English Preparatory Exemption Exam will be held in two stages on 26.09.2023, Tuesday and 28.09.2023, Thursday at the South and North Campuses of Kavacık Campus. ·

Exam Start Time: 09:00 · Exam Place: IMU Kavacık Campus South and North Campus

The sections in the first phase of the exam to be applied on 26.09.2023 are as follows: o Listening (listening) / Reading (reading) / Vocabulary / Grammar / Writing (writing) ·

The second and final stage of the exam, which will be administered on 28.09.2023 (scoring 60-74 points from the 1st stage) measures the speaking skill. *The list of students who will take the speaking exam will be published on the website on 27.09.2023.


Due to the location of the campuses, traffic density can be experienced, so students should take this into account. The student is responsible for delays that may occur due to traffic.

Information about which classrooms the students will take the exam will be published on website until 25.09.2023.

Sample exam content is available on the website of the Language School.

The exam is for departments with English Preparatory Requirement. Students who do not want to be exempted from the English Preparatory Program and wish to study optional preparatory education do not need to take the exam. Students who do not take the exam will study English Preparatory School.


The points that our students should pay attention to when coming to the exam:

o Be present on campus at least one hour before the exam time.

o Knowing the student number and active student e-mail address with medipol extension (Class determination will not be made by name.)

o Possession of valid ID, driver's license or passport (AKBİL or other documents are not valid.)


o Bring a soft-tipped pencil and eraser. To have learned in advance the classroom to take the exam. (

o o Students should not have any computer, mobile phone, smart watch, earphone, etc. with them during the exam. It is forbidden to keep electronic devices with them. These types of devices should be left to their companions.

Parents of students will not be admitted, except for students with special needs or disabilities. Disabled students with special needs should contact [email protected] until September 12, 2023.


· Exam Evaluation


o  Students who score 75 points or more in the face-to-face exam to be held on campus are exempt from the English Preparatory Program. Students who score between 60 and 74 in the first stage of the exam to be held on campus are entitled to take the Face-to-face Speaking Exam on September 28, 2023. The Speaking Exam will also be evaluated out of 100, and students who score 75 or more will be exempted.

o Students who score 59 and below in the Exemption Exam and students who score 74 and below in the Speaking Exam will study English Preparatory School.

o Exam results will be published on and our students must know their MEBIS login passwords.

Candidates who will enroll in all Faculty/School/Vocational School Programs with a compulsory preparatory class must fill in the document stating that they meet the exemption conditions, if any, and send the petition sample below to [email protected] until 11.09.2023. ·

CLICK HERE for the Exemption Petition. ·

CLICK for Compulsory Preparatory Class Exemption Conditions. ·

CLICK for English Language School. · English Language School Mail Contact; [email protected] ·

English Language School Telephone Contact; Switchboard: 444 85 44 Internal: 58300 · Optional Preparation o Students who want to attend an optional preparatory class will be admitted to the preparatory program with a 25% discount over the full fee of the program they are placed in. o Students who want to study optional preparatory education should fill in the sample petition below and send it to [email protected]. o

CLICK for the Optional Preparation Application Petition. 

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