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Istanbul Medipol University has two campuses. The Golden Horn (Haliç) campus is situated on the European side of İstanbul, while Kavacık campus is situated on its Asian side. In addition, medicine students take their practice lessons and training courses at Bağcılar Medipol University Hospital.

IMU Golden Horn Campus is situated in one of the most historical peninsulas and one of the most attractive areas of Istanbul. The peninsula can be regarded as ‘the beating heart of Istanbul’, due to its importance during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Surrounded by the Marmara Sea and the Bosporus, The Golden Horn peninsula is the site of numerous historical monuments, the invaluable heritage of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Beside an excellent education, IMU students have the privilege of being within only a few kilometers from Süleymaniye and Blue Mosques, Topkapı Palace and Hagia Sophia Museums, Galata Tower, as well as Unkapanı and Galata Bridges.

IMU Kavacık Campus, located just off the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, is becoming increasingly famous for its modern infrastructure enclosed in one of the most “green” areas of Istanbul. Basketball courts, recreation areas, parking lots, spacious lounges and classes were designed and are rapidly being built to satisfy the needs of students and staff. This campus, the site of the modern new school buildings, dormitories and other facilities, is also the construction site of one of the most modern research laboratories in Europe.

Training courses and internship programs are conducted at Bağcılar Medipol University Hospital (MEGA). Situated on the edge of the TEM highway (E-80 European Route), MEGA, distinguished by its central location and modern infrastructure, is a grandiose medical and educational complex. The medical complex shelters four specialized hospitals: the General Hospital, the Oncology Hospital, the Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital and the Dental Hospital. With its 470 bed-capacity, 133 intensive care units, operating theaters and 25 outpatient care rooms, Medipol Mega University Hospital offers qualitative practical training to students.


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