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The aim of this program is to educate healthcare professionals capable of providing emergency service to patients and injured people at both a basic and advanced level.

As professional paramedics, they will be able to provide patients and injured people with medical support that will prolong their life avoiding possible permanent disorders till the genuine treatment commences. Besides being well-informed about and capable to deal with any trauma in the human system with competence, they know how to safely carry a patient or injured people to a hospital after expertly providing the first aid assistance.

Because of its growing importance and efficiency, this is a profession with a considerably high employment rate. The need for qualified paramedic assistance has also been accentuated by the recent reforms in the healthcare system in our country. At the same time, these reforms made compulsory the presence of paramedics in emergency services.  Hence, the graduates of this program have the opportunity to be employed as required staff in state and private ambulance vehicles, as well as in the emergency department of private hospitals.

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