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Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary program which aims to explain the structural and functional properties of the nervous system during normal processes or pathology.

The aim of Istanbul Medipol University Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Neuroscience is to train excellent scholars with broad theoretical and practical knowledge and ability to research in an international level.

After completing the required introductory courses, students are offered two sets of elective courses under the running head of Cellular and Cognitive Neuroscience. Placements to either area will be made during application. 

Cellular Neuroscience area offers the opportunity of working on animals and/or isolated tissues and cells. The main method used in the cellular neuroscience research lab is cell culture. Under cognitive neuroscience area research opportunities include designing human studies with both voluntary healthy participants and patients suffering from neurodegenerative and cognitive pathologies. The lab also offers a unique translational area where both groups collide to work on animal models for behavioral studies.

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