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Zero waste, 1780 trees saved from being cut down


Istanbul Medipol University prevented 1,780 trees from being cut down in 2023 with its work “Zero Waste”.


Istanbul Medipol University recycled 104,735 kg of paper, 16,000 kg of plastic, 10,277 kg of glass, and 6,755 kg of metal waste within the scope of the “Zero Waste Project” launched to control recyclable waste. According to the 2023 statistics published by the Environmental Management Office and the Energy Management Office, Medipol prevented 18,538.10 kg of greenhouse gas emissions and 1,780.49 trees from being cut down by recycling paper waste. By recycling plastic waste, 260.80 barrels of oil were saved. As part of the pilot study, 3,200 liters of rainwater was harvested on an 18m² area in the last two months of 2023. The harvested rainwater was used for garden and floor cleaning as a sample study. In addition to the recycled wastes, 900 kg of vegetable oil was used to provide hearing aids for 2 children and 575 kg of waste caps were used to provide wheelchairs to those in need. On the other hand, 1,350 kg of textile waste was recycled.


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