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Three students from the International School of Medicine have been awarded the Amgen Scholarship


Çakmak, Karaoğlan and Esirgün, who study at Medipol International School of Medicine, have been awarded the 'Amgen Scholars' scholarship granted to only five people from Turkey.


Gülşade Rabia Çakmak, Sinem Karaoğlan and Şevval Nil Esirgün, 3rd-year students of the Istanbul Medipol University International School of Medicine, have been awarded the 'Amgen Scholars' scholarship, one of the most prestigious programs in the world. Gülşade Rabia Çakmak, who has a double major in Electrical-Electronics Engineering at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, will go to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, which ranks 8th in the QS World Universities. Çakmak will do research in biomechanics and artificial intelligence for eight weeks. Şevval Nil Esirgün also received acceptance from the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology. As a part of the programme, which selected 15 people out of more than 400 applicants, Esirgun will conduct research on biotechnology and microfluidic-based technologies for nine weeks. Sinem Karaoğlan will go to Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, one of the world's best universities. Karaoğlan was entitled to research carcinogenesis and cancer stem cells for nine weeks. Çakmak, Esirgün and Karaoğlan will present the results of their works at a symposium at Cambridge University. 

Istanbul Medipol University School of Engineering and Natural Sciences students received internship and doctoral admission abroad. Computer Engineering 3rd year student İbrahim Yuşa Çetin will do an internship at Quantum3D Company in Silicon Valley. Mert Can Çakmak and Mustafa Aktaş, students of the same faculty, received doctoral admissions from the USA. Çakmak will do his PhD at Arkansas University, and Aktaş will do his PhD at Washington State University.

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