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İlber Ortaylı on 100 years of the Republic


Prof. İlber Ortaylı met with Istanbul Medipol University students in the conversation titled "100 Years of the Republic". Ortaylı shared his views on language, culture, and sociology, focusing on both the Ottoman times and the present day.


The History of Law Application and Research Centre organized a talk by Prof. İlber Ortaylı on “100 Years of the Republic.” The event was held in the Conference Hall at the South Campus of Istanbul Medipol University, attended by President Prof. Ömer Ceran, the Deans of the Faculties, faculty members, administrative staff, and students. The talk was hosted by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Gökhan Malkoç and moderated by Prof. Mehmet İpşirli. Prof. Ortaylı emphasized the importance of re-evaluating the quality of education in Turkey. Referring to the fact that Turkey's educated youth is migrating abroad, Ortaylı stated that “Europe is attempting to attract the educated Turkish youth. They do not bother to train themselves and they try to fill this gap with the strong human resource of Turkey, especially in the field of medicine. It is not easy for our country to cope with the consequences of this situation."

In his talk, Ortaylı mentioned that regime change does not always occur in the same way and concluded his words as follows: “Sometimes it can happen in a very violent way, as in France and Russia. Turkey made this change through war, but through a war against the outside world, which was fortunate. It was much more honorable to declare the Republic by warding off the enemy than to suffer from the dishonor and quarrel between brothers that a civil war would have brought. But it is also useful to highlight the fact that what changed was not the state. The new state was a slogan and in fact, our state continues. But our Republic was established, and the regime changed. Of course, this was not an easy change. Some people will not be able to accept this, and even among the people we consider the founding staff of the Republic, there were different opinions on this issue and even conflicts arose. As a matter of fact, the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic was not a simple succession. There was the collapse, or perhaps more accurately, the dissolution of an empire. The staff that kept the state alive continued and established as well as advanced the Republic with the gains they achieved."


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