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English Preparatory Programme ESP Lessons for Track 3 & 4


The ESP (English for Specific Purposes) lessons throughout the spring semester in Track III and Track IV of 2022-23 Spring Semester will be conducted asynchronously via ESP Library Platform.


Lesson videos will be recorded on the Microsoft Teams in teams created for ESP lessons and the students will watch these recordings asynchronously from these teams. Team codes for Microsoft Teams is shared in the table below. Please make sure you only join the team created for your department.


You can find a manual below the table showing how to join the ESP class using the Teams code.

How to Join ESP Classes on Teams

You can follow this link to create your account on the platform:

Below you can find a manual showing how to register to the ESP Library Platform.

Students are expected to complete their platform registrations following the instructions given, watch the lessons related to their departments and complete the activities before the given deadline. All grades will be given based on the scores students get from the activities on the platform.

Grades from the ESP lesson make up 10% of students’ track average.

In the link below, you can find the frequently asked questions about the platform and their answers:

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