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Disaster/Emergency Drill


Respected Academicians,  

Dear Colleagues,  

and Dear Students,  

Take 15 minutes off to survive!  

Due to the disasters experienced in our country, the emergency exercise is crucial. For this reason, a Disaster/Emergency Exercise will be held on Friday, 17.11.2023, at 09:45 on the South Campus. 

All Academic / Administrative staff and university students are requested to participate in the exercise with the slogan “Take 15 minutes off to survive” on this date.  


The screens will be locked at 09:45, and an announcement will be made. The ‘Drop-Cover-Hold’ position will be held for 40 seconds with the siren. The nearest emergency exit stairs will be taken to the assembly area along with the second evacuation announcement. In the meantime, both first aid and psychological interventions will be applied. At 10:00, a Fire Fighting Drill will be carried out in the B4 Parking Lot with the participation of a Fire Crew. Please follow the instructions given during the drill. A group photo will be taken by the end before announcing the ‘return to building’. Then, the exercise will end at 10:00.   


South Campus Emergency Assembly Area 





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