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The fact that the median age of the population in our country is increasing just the way it has increased all over the world points to an increased rate of elderly people.

Also, considering that the traditional extended/consanguinal family concept has been replaced with the conjugal/ nuclear family concept, the need for professional assistance also has risen significantly.  The aim of this program is to educate healthcare professionals capable of dealing with the health and social problems of the elderly and also capable of providing professional personal healthcare assistance to them.

These professionals have been trained to actively assist elder citizens inapt to cope with their problems facilitating their personal lives, decreasing their pessimism for the future, and enabling them to spend their spare time in a productive way. That is, these professionals work to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

The graduates of this program could be employed as staff members assisting the elder citizens at any institution providing geriatric care, such as social service and private rest homes, the Prime Ministry Family Research Institution, State planning office, Family Consultation Centers, municipalities, hospital, and civil society organizations. Other state and private corporations providing geriatric care, such as dispensaries, elderly daily care homes, as well as in businesses projecting “friendly” residences for the elderly.

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