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School of Business and Management Sciences 2022-2023 Spring Semester Course Program


Click for Turkish Departments.

Click for English Departments.


Abbreviations Denoting Departments (Departments Codes)

BAN-Banking and Insurance

ECO-Economics and Finance (English)

HVY-Aviation Management

İKY-Human Resources Management

BUS-Business (English)

ULY-Logistics Management

ILM-Logistics Management (English)

ULF-International Trade and Finance

ITF-International Trade and Finance (English)

YBS-Management Information Systems

MIS-Management Information Systems (English)

**The numbers 1- 2 -3 - 4 written next to the department codes represent the classes. (For example; BAN1 - Banking and Insurance Program 1. Class)

**Course program entries are defined in MEBIS and current course schedules must be followed through MEBIS.

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