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Volkan Bozkır has come to Medipol


Volkan Bozkır, 75th President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, has attended the ‘Medipol Mode UN 2022’ conference held at Istanbul Medipol University.


The Medipol Model United Nations Club and Modern Research and Strategy Club organized the ‘’Medipol Mode UN 2022’’ conference. Volkan Bozkır, 75th President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, has attended the conference. Students and academicians, including Istanbul Medipol University Rector, Prof. Dr Ömer Ceran, have followed the event held at the South Campus Conference Hall. Volkan Bozkır, who served as the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations between 2020-2021, has shared his remarks on his life and experiences. Bozkır said, ‘’You can travel anywhere with the United Nations flag; however, it is not quite possible with national flags. The United Nations and all related institutions will provide you with an advantage in this context.’’  

Volkan Bozkır, who has served as the former Minister of United Union Affairs and the Chief Negotiator, Deputy for Istanbul, Head of the Foreign Affairs of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Head of Turkey-USA Interparliamentary Friendship Groups, has stated that diplomacy and politics are similar. Expressing that people should pay attention to politics, Bozkır noted, ‘’ Regardless of foreign or domestic; politics is beautiful. I specifically call out to my friends here that paying attention to politics means having a say in your country’s future somehow. In other words, politicians are closer to changing something than other sector employees. Hence, the greatest advice I can give to young people interested in politics is getting excited, questioning, and working hard. I have never been afraid to make a decision in my life. I support our young people to step into the political world, and I believe that young people who want to act in this path should be appropriately guided.’’ 

Noting there is a particular prejudice against diplomacy in our country, Bozkır said, “For instance, there is an idiom called ‘speaking diplomatically’. What is meant to be said here is the emphasis on ‘running away from problems and hiding behind words.’ However, this is inaccurate, as acting diplomatically is neither running nor hiding. You encounter different cultures, cuisines, and understandings in diplomacy. Thus, the problems are various, and you try to comprehend all of these. This profession offers a highly colourful life. Nevertheless, not everything in this life is easy and happy. My advice to my young friends is that to be a good diplomat is to be a good politician. ‘’