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The Half-Term English Preparatory Proficiency Exam Applications


Half-term English Proficiency Exam will take place face-to-face on January 31st, 2023. Students whose score is 75 and higher will be exempted from English Preparatory Programme, and those with a score between 60-74 will take the online speaking exam on February 2nd and their exemption status will be determined based on their score from the speaking exam.

·         There is no score or attendance prerequisite to take the exam. Students can take the exam if they complete their application in full through the link below within the application period via their student e-mail address (with the extension).

·         To access the link, you need to have signed into Outlook with your student e-mail account (with extension).

·         Before clicking on the link, make sure you have logged into your own student e-mail address. If you signed in with somebody else’s e-mail account, your application will not be accepted.

·         The exam applications will be taken between January 16th and January 20th. Students cannot take the half-term proficiency exam if they fail to complete their application within the application period.

Students who get between 60-74 from the exam on January 31st will take the speaking exam on February 2nd. The speaking exam will be on Microsoft Teams, so students are required to solve any possible problems with their Microsoft Teams account before the exam.

·         There is no make-up for the half-term proficiency exam.

·         If students are exempted with their exam results, they cannot attend the English Preparatory Programme in the second semester.

·         It is the students’ responsibility to learn from the related department secretariat about whether they can start their departments in the second semester if they are exempted with this exam.