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English Proficiency Exam for Additional Placement Students will be held face to face at Kavacık North Campus Block C, 4th floor, C408, on October 3rd between 09.00-12.25

For exam content and samples…

The points that our students should pay attention to when coming to the exam:

-Be present on campus at least half an hour before the exam time.

-Knowing the student number and having the student e-mail address with medipol extension active (Class determination will not be made by name.)

-Possession of valid ID, driver’s license or passport (AKBİL or other documents are not valid.)

-Bring a soft-tipped pencil, eraser.

-To have learned in advance the classroom to take the exam. (

Once the listening session starts, students will not be taken to the exam until the end of the related listening part and after the first 50 minutes of the exam, students will not be allowed to enter the exam. It is the students’ responsibility to fill in the optic forms/scantrons correctly. The objections for the exam papers will not be accepted if the optic forms/scantrons or the versions are not properly filled out. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the students fill out the exam papers and scantrons correctly. 

Students who score 75 and above in the face-to-face exam to be held on campus will be exempted from the English Preparatory Program. Students who get between 60 and 74 from the first stage of the exam to be held on campus are eligible to take the Online Speaking Exam. The Online Speaking Exam will also be evaluated out of 100, and students who take 75 or more will be exempted.

Students who score 59 and below in the Exemption Exam and students who score 74 and below in the Speaking Exam will study English Preparatory School.

The exam results will be announced on and the students are required to know their MEBIS passwords to find out their results.