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English Preparatory Programme Education Model in the Rest of Track 3 and Track 4


Track 3 of the English Preparatory Programme will be fully online as announced before. Assessment items will also be fully online in Track 3.

Track 4, which will start on April 18, 2023 will be hybrid in accordance with the University Senate decision dated 31.03.2023. In this regard, students will be able to join the lessons in the classrooms on 3 days of the week like Tracks 1 and 2, but these lessons will also be conducted on Microsoft Teams and students will be able to follow them online if they wish to do so. On the other two days of the week, the lessons will be fully online like in Tracks 1 and 2. Attendance will not be mandatory.

Assessment formats for Track 4 will be announced at a later time.

Son Güncelleme Tarihi: 04/04/2023 - 11:12