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Dean's Message

The Faculty of Law is a faculty that teaches the rules regulating the legal relations between individuals and between individuals and the public authority, the legal and philosophical foundations on which these rules are based, and provides the student with the logic and skills of applying the rules of law.

Considering that our country is gradually developing, its population is increasing, and it has become an active position in world trade and international environment, it is obvious that the role of law and lawyer will increase to that extent in this event and it will play a dominant role in protecting Turkey's interests.

In the contemporary understanding of law, observing the balance between legitimacy-legality, right-obligation, freedom-responsibility, the right to a free and peaceful life of the individual and society has an important place. Our basic principle is to take the contemporary approach, which defines the lawyer as "the person who takes part in the implementation of legal norms that regulate the relations between citizens and the state, institutions and individuals, within the framework of mutual rights and obligations".

Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Law provides education with the aim of educating and graduating its students with this vision and for them to adopt this point of view from the very first day.

Located in Kavacık Campus, our faculty offers its students a productive university life with its lecture halls, large spaces and social facilities. The Faculty of Law, which started education in the 2011-2012 academic year, had its first graduates in the 2014-2015 academic year. We sincerely believe that our first graduates, each of whom started their careers as well-equipped lawyers, will represent our faculty in the world of law in the best possible way in every platform.

Prof. Dr. Ayşe NUHOĞLU