For Turkish Students
In order to study in an associate (2-year, short cycle) or undergraduate program (4-year, first cycle) in a higher education institution in Turkey, students have to take a university entrance exam administered by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and the students are placed by the same exam administering center (ÖSYM) to the universities according to the score they get from this examination.  In addition, any student who has graduated from a first cycle degree course can take the DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) and if receiving sufficient points may enrol in the desired programme.
To study in master programs with thesis and Ph.D. programs, the students are required to take an exam called “ALES” (Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Exam), which is also administered by OSYM, and submit this score with their application. Those, who want to study in non-thesis master programs.
Students, who want to apply to Ph.D. programs, need to hold an firsy cycle degree diploma or second cycle degree with thesis diploma.
The applicants have to meet additional program requirements defined by the universities.

For International Students
International students, who graduated from schools that are equivalent to secondary education (high school) institutions in Turkey and meet the requirements specified by the University, can apply for international student quota to study at first cycle programs offered at Medipol University.

International students, who want to apply to second cycle degree programs, need to meet the admission requirements exclusive to the departments.
For each academic year, requirements and quotas for international student quota are determined and announced on the University web site at:

For Exchange Students
The exchange students are accepted to our university in the framework of the coopreation agreements (Erasmus+, Mevlana Exchange programme or any general cooperation) signed by Medipol and the other Higher Education Institution. According to the requirements or conditions stated in the protocol, exchange students can enroll for the courses offered at Medipol and study one or two semester. For more information they can contact with International Office of Medipol.

For Transfer Students
A student of a higher education institution can transfer to an equivalent degree (associate degree, bachelor’s degree) according to the regulations of Higher Education Council (YOK) and rules and quota decided by higher education institutions, students can have their undergraduate degrees transferred inside or outside the institution.

For Visiting Students
Special Students, graduates or students of higher education institutions, can take courses in our bachelor’s degree program without registering to that program. Applications to take courses as special students are decided by the evaluation of management , as well as considering the opinion of the department. These students, if they want, can get transcripts which demonstrate the courses and grades that they obtained. Special students pay fees depending on the course credits they are taking.

The application and registration process of international and exchange students are carried out by International Office. For more details you can contact with International Office: [email protected]