Upon completion of the courses, applications and internships in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, the graduates of the bachelor's degree, bachelor's and graduate students who are eligible for graduation are given a graduation ranking certificate which includes the information about their graduation.

The graduation ranking is determined after completing all the procedures related to the exams and completing the related academic year in Medipol Education Information System (MEBİS) by considering GPA of the students from higher to lower. Students with same GPA are considered to have the same Graduation Ranking Certificate.

Graduation Ranking Certificate is signed by deans at schools, principals/directors at graduate schools, vocational schools and colleges.

Students requesting Graduation Ranking Certificate Order;

* Order the document from MEBİS,

* and needs if it is ready from your system.

Students who are ready for Graduation Ranking Certificate can obtain the documents from the related dean / directorate / graduate school.