Rector Rep. Prof. Dr. Ömer Ceran: We plan to conduct education face-to-face and on campus


Istanbul Medipol University Rector Rep. Prof. Dr. Ömer Ceran said that the new academic year will start on October 4th and they plan to conduct education face-to-face and on campus.

Rector Rep. Prof. Dr. Ömer Ceran: We plan to conduct education face-to-face and on campus

Istanbul Medipol University Rector Rep. Prof. Dr. Ömer Ceran was a guest on the ‘Open Days Social Media Live Broadcasts’. In the broadcasts moderated by Press-Office Director Ömer Çakkal, Ceran answered the questions of the candidates and parents. Stating that the exams are neither an end nor a beginning, he said to candidates and parents: ‘’There are always other opportunities in life. Some of our students may not have found what they expected in this exam, but with the departments they will register in, they may become very successful in life. My advice to the families is that they should choose according to their children's inclinations and wishes, not their dream professions. One of the mistakes we make is that the student usually chooses according to their placed score. However, they should be able to choose according to the department they want to be in. We want to see the students at our university; we are excited for them.’’

Stating that Istanbul Medipol University has been trying to be in the world rankings since its establishment, Ceran continued: “As a pediatrist, I always say: There is a growth in the child, and also development. The growth; is the growth of a child in terms of weight, height, head circumference, and development; its development is a more doctrinal development such as function, quality, and intelligence development. As a university, we have completed our growth. Now we focus on development. In this context, we are included in the scales made by world-class rating agencies, and we are working to reach higher bands. For example, we were able to rank in the 1000+ in ‘THE ranking’, where 25 thousand universities are classified. We are in the first 700-800 range in the RUR and SCIMAGO rankings.  It is good that we are here as of the establishment year, but our goal is to reach the 500 – 1000 range in the short term and to be among the top 500 universities in the medium term.” 

Expressing that the academic year will start on October 4th, Prof. Ceran said: “We have set October 4th as the opening calendar, and our goal is to conduct face-to-face education. There will be online education at a rate of 30% to 40%, but we are planning to have other education on campus. But of course, the course of the pandemic will determine this. It will be determined by taking into account decisions made by the Ministry and the Council of Higher Education. As a university, we are prepared for online, hybrid and face-to-face education. Our wish is to conduct education face-to-face, of course. Especially the importance of face-to-face education in health and other applied branches cannot be denied. At least, we will push for face-to-face education in those departments.’’