“Medicine education in Turkey is at the same level as in the USA and Europe.”


International School of Medicine Faculty Members, Prof. Dr Jean de la Rosette and Prof. Dr Pilar Laguna, made statements about the Turkish healthcare system and their lives in Turkey.

“Medicine education in Turkey is at the same level as in the USA and Europe.”

World-renowned urologists Prof. Dr. Jean de la Rosette and Prof.Dr. Pilar Laguna, who continue their academic and professional works under Istanbul Medipol University, spoke to Sabah Newspaper. The academic pair who work as faculty members in the International School of Medicine made statements about the Turkish healthcare system and their lives in Turkey.
Here are some highlights from the interview; 

How do you evaluate the Turkish healthcare system and Medicine education?
Turkey invests a lot in healthcare systems; therefore, this reflects economic and social development. They have a healthcare system that meets the medical needs of the population. However, the uncommon type of such a system brings its weaknesses. Just as the capacity reaching fullness. The private healthcare system is a good alternative to achieve a balance that prevents this from happening when properly arranged. As we see, the university's curriculum resembles the curriculums of universities and educational programs in Europe. Our general impression, for speaking the physicians in our area, that they are well-educated and are at the same level as their colleagues in Europe and the USA. The area where efforts should be made in the coming years is to increase the basic research and the structuring of the clinical research.

What would you like to say to the candidate physicians in Turkey, especially for those who want to work abroad in the future, as physicians who know the world perspective? 
The concept of working abroad consists of many legendary components. If your aim is to develop yourself, learn about different applications and methods, contribute more applications and methods to your origins, then it is correct. After tasting the international spirit, it is always nice to return to the homeland and contribute to the benefit of your community. However if you feel more comfortable continuing to work abroad, then there is no obstacle to do so.

The world is fighting a great fight against antibiotic resistance. It is stated that the biggest source of antibiotic resistance is urological infections. What are the mistakes made in this matter?
The world has been in this fight for decades. We are now aware that the use of antibiotics is the wrong approach to treat urinary tract infections. The Netherlands has taken the lead in Europe in this matter, and many European countries have benefitted from this restrictive strategy. What is important is; to idenfity what caused the infection and to do a research to confirm or eliminate the possible anatomical reason for the infection.