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There are libraries in the Kavacık North and South Campus, Haliç Campus, and Bağcılar Campus (Medipol Mega Hospital). Our libraries serve in the form of 68,925 printed books, 634,927 e-books, 46,127 e-journals and 107 magazines on an area of approximately 1,240 m2 and 6 libraries on three campuses.

- To benefit from the electronic library service, you can register by going to

- You can log in to address for more information about the electronic library.

The library is constantly updating its infrastructure that supports education, training and research programs, meets the information and document needs of academic staff, students and other researchers, and closely follows developments worldwide. The library offers access to national and international publications in many areas, such as health, science, social sciences, culture, art and literature.

Our library has a rare collection of 38 books before 1950. The works are protected under a special protection status and are exhibited only in glass cabinet showcases. The entire collection is digitalized and made available online for those who want to examine it in detail. Our collection development policy emphasizes providing remote access to electronic publications and databases from within or outside the campus and printed resources.


Working Hours

Kavacık North Campus Library: 24/7

Kavacık South Campus Library: 08.30 - 22.30

Haliç Campus Library: 08.30 - 22.30

Bağcılar Campus Library: 08.30 - 22.30



You can reach us by dialling the extension number of the relevant library through our call centre at 444 85 44.

Kavacık North Campus Library: 5370

Kavacık South Campus Library: 1900

Haliç Campus Library: 4870

Bağcılar Campus Library: 5469