Announcement from the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education on Administrative Work Leave


“As it is known, in accordance with the Circular of the Presidency Administrative Affairs Directorate General of Personnel and Principles dated 13/03/2020 and numbered E.12362, the decisions taken in our higher education institutions were announced with our letter dated 13/03/2020 and numbered E.21113.
Following the distribution of our letter, following the letter of the Presidency Directorate of Administrative Affairs General Directorate of Personnel and Principles dated 16/03/2020 and numbered E.12461, higher education institutions, medical schools, university hospitals/university health practice and research centres The following decisions were taken by the Higher Education Executive Board to instruct the academic and administrative staff involved in the provision of services and (b) to evaluate the status of the interns in the medical school by the Higher Education Council:
1. Annual leave of all personnel working at the medical faculty hospitals / health practice and research centers of our universities have been stopped, except for legal excuses (marriage, death, maternity, illness and escort).
2. The academic and administrative staff abroad will continue to be deemed to have administrative leave for 14 days from the date of their return to the country.
3. The positions of academic and administrative personnel with serious health problems such as cancer, organ transplantation, including the top managers of the units in higher education institutions will be evaluated by the rectorate and it will be decided whether to count as administrative leave.
4. The related university presidencies will decide on the continuity of the internship practices of the interns in the medical faculty. ”