The language of instruction is Turkish at Medipol.

Homever; International School of Medicine, School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, School of Dentistry (English), School of Business and Management Sciences: Management, Economics and Finance and International Trade and Finance, School of Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology and Political Science and International Relations, School of Fine Arts Design and Architecture; Architecture and Inter. Arch & Environmental Design, School of Communication; Public Relations and Advertising, School of Health Sciences; Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Health Management, School of Education;Teacher Training in English, and lastly Vocational School of Social Sciences; Applied English Translation are instructed in English. In the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine and Law 30% of the courses are instructed in English whereas 70% of the courses are instructed in Turkish.

Upon enrolment at Medipol University, students who study in the departments offered both at least %30 in English Language and %100 English Language take Proficiency exam. This exam gives the information about students’ proficiency to continue in their departments and also determines their English level for the preparatory program and thus students are required to attend English Proficiency Exam held by Medipol ıf they are not exempted from preparatory program.

Students who have received a passing score of 75 in English Prep. Program Proficiency Exam in Medipol University or submit any equivalent test taken in the last three years (YDS, CAE, CPE, TOEFL IBT, PEARSON PTE Academic) approved by Y.Ö.K. are exempted from the Preparatory Program.

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If the students fail in English Proficiency Exam or do not submit any equivalent tests as mentioned above have to study one year preparatory program.

This English Preparatory Program has been prepared considering the language knowledge and skills students should acquire for their studies and career. During the English Preparatory education students acquire the techniques to express themselves in both oral and written form, to access and use information, as well as to comprehend and use academic English. Students who have completed the preparatory year successfully are able to follow classes in English as well as to follow the literature in their respective fields without encountering problems.