As Istanbul Medipol University, we have compulsory internships programs in our some Schools/departments in order to provide students to enhance their skills and techniques learnt by both theoretical and applied courses in terms of occupational environment.

The aim of this Internship Program is; concerning the area/field that the student is given education; the student is aimed to be well-skilled to create different solutions in different conditions by using duty, responsibility, working area & techniques.

In our University, in the School of Health Sciences; Pharmacy and Engineering and Natural Sciences, Education and the Vocational School of Health, Social Sciences are regarded as available for the compulsory Internship Program.

The Internship Programs in The School of Medicine and Dentistry are evaluated within the context of courses.

Students attended Internship Program within the context of Erasmus Student Exchange Program; the duties done by students are accepted with the notion of related coordinator ships in the Board of Management in order to regard those duties as official responsibilities of Internship Program. The Internships of the students attending Compulsory Internship Programs are provided with credits entitled as ECTS in the direction of Bologna Criteria.