4th Neuron Culture Course


In collaboration with Turkish Society of Physiological Science; 4th Neuron Culture Course will be held 26-29 March 2016 in Medipol University Kavacik Campus. Along with a fulfilling theoretical lecture program, the course offer hands on application on each step of Dorsal root ganglion cell culture protocol from microdissection to plating of cells and survival assays.

Organization committee: Prof. Gurkan OZTURK, Assoc. Prof. Ulkan KILIC, Assoc. Prof. Mehmet OZANSOY,  Assoc. Prof. Bilal Ersan KERMAN,  Res. Ass. Nese AYSIT

Quota: 25 researcher
Deadline: 18 March 2016

Payment: 19 -24 March 2016
Assistant – 500 TL
Lecturer – 750 TL

Akbank Bankası Unkapanı Şubesi
Account: İstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi
Iban: TR 20 0004 6000 5088 8000 0799 24

Contact: 0216 681 5344, [email protected]